Municipal patrol

Dispatchers and patrollers are on duty around the clock, seven days a week. They patrol Dollard-des-Ormeaux and enforce municipal bylaws related to:

  • parking and obstruction of public roads
  • surveillance of parks and public buildings
  • respect of public property (graffiti, etc.)
  • pesticides and lawn watering
  • noise, disturbance, nuisance
  • domestic and wild animals, etc.

Neighbourhood Watch program

The Neighbourhood Watch program has recently been very successful in some Dollard-Des-Ormeaux areas. It was implemented to curb break-ins in those sectors and we believe that the program can also prevent other incidents in our City. If you wish to join or organize a meeting in your neighbourhood, please call at 514-684-4550, All you need to do is give a little time, be vigilant and know your neighbours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Municipal Patrol’s mandate?

A: The Dollard-des-Ormeaux Municipal Patrol serves many functions, the most obvious of which are preventive patrols aimed at crime prevention and calls for bylaw information. The Patrol is also a member of the City’s emergency measures preparedness team. The Patrol’s dispatch centre is responsible for answering all incoming calls outside business hours, including weekends and holidays.

The Patrol also assists other public services in promoting safety during special or major events, aiding in searches or other emergencies and distributing urgent information to residents. Furthermore, the Patrol distributes certain permits to residents of Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

Q: When and how can you reach us?

A: The Patrol is available 24/7 at 514-684-6111. Our offices are located at 10 Sunnydale, in the Fire Station building at the corner of Des Sources Boulevard. Please call us about permits or complaints, so that they are addressed in a timely manner.

Q: What crime prevention duties does the Patrol Service implement?

A: The Patrol works hand in hand with the local Police Department and community associations to ensure that localized problems are promptly addressed while still maintaining preventive patrols throughout the City.

Q: What laws does the Patrol enforce?

A: The Patrol’s primary responsibility is the application of the City’s municipal bylaws on nuisances, peace and order, parks, water usage, animal control, and so on. At times, the Patrol is called upon to intervene in situations where a criminal act has been committed. Nevertheless all such cases are reported to the City of Montreal Police for investigation. If you have a complaint regarding a criminal act, please dial 911 immediately.

Q: What authority do Municipal Patrol officers have?

A: Patrol officers are appointed by the City (that is to say, City Council) to enforce municipal bylaws under the Quebec Code of Penal Procedures and, as such, have the authority to detain and identify persons found in violation of a municipal bylaw.

Q: What other services are offered by the Municipal Patrol?

A: Municipal Patrol offices are open 24/7 and have permits for overnight parking, watering new grass and garage sales.

The Patrol also has a seniors program called “Are You Okay?” which contacts seniors in our community each day to check on their well-being. If you are a senior and would like to join the program, please contact the Captain of the Patrol at 514-684-4550 to make arrangements.

The Patrol is also responsible for Neighborhood Watch programs in the City, which is coordinated with our Police Station 4.

Q: How can you congratulate or file a complaint about the Patrol?

A: Complaints about the Patrol’s quality of service or procedures are taken very seriously and investigated by a supervisory committee.

Complaints and compliments can be sent to the Captain of the Patrol, in writing, by e-mail or telephone.

Q: What are you supposed to do when you get a ticket?

A: You have 30 days to pay the fine on the ticket or send in a not guilty plea to the Municipal Court. The necessary information is on the ticket, with a space reserved for your explanation. Only copies of other documents, such as photos, receipts, and so on, should be sent in with your plea. You can pay your ticket at the front desk in City Hall between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets or statements of offense, once issued, are legal documents and cannot be altered, cancelled or destroyed. They are the property of the Municipal Court. For inquiries, please refer to the City of Montreal Municipal Court website or call 514-872-2964.

Q: Is breaking a municipal bylaw (i.e not having your dog on a leash) a criminal offense?

A: No. The laws enforced by the Patrol officers are not criminal offenses. However, injuries caused by an animal which is not on a leash, can give rise to civil liability.

Q: Why does the Patrol Service officer not listen to your arguments and stop writing the ticket?

A: Officers are under orders to not argue about a ticket. This will allow you the benefit of a fair hearing should you contest the ticket in court.

Q: How will this be of benefit to you?

A: Because everything that happens or is said while the officer writes a ticket can be recorded and used as proof in court.

Q: Do I have to go downtown to plead my case?

A: No, there is a Municipal Court point of service at 401 St. Jean Boulevard in Pointe-Claire, with both day and evening sessions.

Q: Why must you register your dog and cat?

A: Because the Patrol will contact you and return your animal if it is wearing a City tags. Unclaimed animals with no City tags are considered abandoned and are turned over to the SPCA.

Q: Can you get the details of a complaint?

A: Requests for information are subject to the Access to Information Act. Some information such as the identity of complainants and other personal information cannot be given out. If you want to request information, please fill out an information request form from our website.

If you have made a complaint and would like to know the status of it, please contact the Captain at 514-684-4550, with the six-digit complaint number.

Q: What can the Patrol do about cars that speed on your street?

A: The Patrol has no jurisdiction in this matter. Please report speeding cars to the City’s Police Station at 514-280-0104.

Q: What else can be done about speeding cars and other traffic problems on your street?

A: Speeding vehicles and other moving violations on public roads are addressed by the City’s Traffic Committee that meets monthly. Please forward your concerns to the Traffic Committee which appears on the City’s website. Once a complaint has been addressed, the Committee will sent a reply to the complainant.

Q: What can you do about wild animals on my property?

A: The City does not remove wild animals or pests from your property. If you want information on the steps to take to remove them from your property, key in urban wildlife on the internet. The City accepts no responsibility for any action taken to remedy your situation.

Q: Looking for a job with the Municipal Patrol?

A: The Patrol hires officers regularly and is always interested in receiving applications from qualified candidates. Preference is given to candidates enrolled in or having completed Police Technology at the CEGEP level or with law enforcement experience.

Resumes are also accepted from persons interested in working in the Patrol’s Security division. To qualify for security officer positions, candidates must have training or experience in physical security and have a valid security permit.


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