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Request for Seasonal Pickup of Special Refuse

Request for Seasonal Pickup of Special Refuse
This special refuse pickup service is offered to residents only every year from May 1 to October 31. The City will not pick up material left by a contractor.
Please remember the following before making an online request below:

  • Residents can use this service twice during the season to dispose of non-household refuse, such as leftover material from residential construction, demolition or renovation projects.
  • The service is free so long as the quantity of refuse does not exceed 4.5 m3 (6 yd3) in one year. Above this, charges will apply for any additional pickup (more than 2) or quantity exceeding 4.5 m3 (6 yd3).
  • To facilitate pickup and recycling, some material must be placed in an orderly fashion on the resident’s property, near but not on the street or sidewalk. Material must be sorted as follows:
    • Wood, railway ties, fences, tree trunks and stumps
    • Sand, earth and rocks
    • Glass and windows
    • Pieces of metal more than 1.2 m (4 ft) but less than 1.8 m (6 ft) long
    • Masonry and cement
    • Plasterboard, ceramic, bricks and paving stones
    • Material will not be collected if it is piled together.
    • Asphalt, shingles, tires and pool covers will not be collected.

Information: 514-684-1010

To make your online request now, click on the link

Seasonal pickup of special refuse is now over for the season. Service will resume in the spring.